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The Bamberger Bahnen Vehicles


Our “tram” is inspired in form as well as color from the historical Bamberg streetcars that were running from 1897 -1922.

The 1st bus has been underway since the 3rd of August 2007, with our 6 hills tour, as well as various other special trips around our city and county.

This vehicle has room for 27 seated and 7 standing, with the possibility for 2 wheelchairs. The wheelchairs can easily be rolled up the ramp on our bus and as the bus only travels 60 kmh, no seatbelts are required.

For tour guides, the bus is equipped with a microphone and speakers.


Technical data:

Veh. Type – “San Francisco Tram” from the firm Road Trains Tschu Tschu

IVECO Daily 3, 0 L Turbo diesels

Max speed 60 kmh

6 speed mountain transmission 177 hp

8,75m L/ 2,25m W/ 3,25m H, max weight 7,0t

Panorama windows, 2 sun roofs, heated, rustic wood benches

Rear balcony for the transport from strollers and wheelchairs

Power steering, ABS, Thermoelectric brake

Certified for normal traffic

Allowed for special lines