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Bamberger Bahnen GmbH & Co. KG

Transportation conditions



1. Scope


The following conditions are valid for all trips (Special bus lines and trips) with the Bamberger Bahnen GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter called the company). These conditions take effect upon entrance of the vehicle and are part of the contract of transport.



2. Entitlement of transportation


In principle, no entitlement of transportation exists according to §22 PBefG.

By breaks in the journey, all passengers are at risk of not being able to reenter the vehicle to continue their journey, when there is no room in the vehicle.



3. Persons excluded from transport


Persons posing a danger for safety, safe operation of the vehicle or other passengers are excluded from transport. Especially

-Persons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

-Persons with infectious diseases

-Children under 6 without supervision



4. Passenger conduct


All passengers are to conduct themselves in a manner that ensures safe operations of the vehicle, there own personnel safety as well as respect for others and their possessions. All instructions from the driver are to be followed.

It is forbidden to

-be on the platform during travel

-open the doors during travel

-throw objects from or let them hang from the vehicle

-jump about in the vehicle during travel

-enter a fully booked vehicle

-interfere with the usability of the vehicle (blockage of the isle ways and exits).


-use any form of noise-generating objects (radios/recorders with speakers or musical instruments)

Each passenger is obliged to obtain and maintain a good foothold in the vehicle.

The access to free seats as well as the exits may not be obstructed.

In case of soiling, a fine will be assessed from €80.00

Complaints are in general to be given to the driver. If the driver is not capable to correct the situation, written complaints can then be sent exclusively on the company. Ensure that date and time are included in the complaint.



5. Assignment of vehicle and seats


The driver is entitled to assign seats. There exists no right for a seat.

6. Ticket sales


Before travel, it is necessary upon entry to the vehicle to purchase a ticket by the driver. The driver is not required to give change for more than 50€, accept 1 or2 cent coins for more than 5 cents or accept extremely damaged notes or coins. Foreign currency, including DM, will not be accepted. Problems with tickets, change or receipts, must be submitted immediately. The tickets are good for the entire day of validation (hop on, hop off) and are non-transferable. Tickets used not in accordance with the conditions of travel are invalid and will be confiscated. This applies especially for tickets that

-are torn, cut or so severely damaged, dirty or unreadable so that no control can be conducted

-have been altered, expired or used from an ineligible person.

The price for these invalid tickets will not be refunded.



7. Fines


Passengers traveling without a valid ticket must pay a fine of 60,-€ per person.



8. Refunds, exclusion from claims of compensation


When a ticket is not to be used for reasons that the passenger is not responsible for, the full ticket price will be refunded upon return of the ticket. This policy does not apply when

-the passenger falls under #3.

-the ticket falls under the conditions of invalid

-due to full vehicles, “hop on” is no longer possible

Deviations from the scheduled tours due to traffic, operational disruptions as well as lack of space or incorrect information are not reasons for compensation.



9. Transportation of belongings


There exists no entitlement of transport for belongings. Handbags as well as carry on luggage may be transported so long as the safe operation of the vehicle, personnel safety is not disrupted or the other passengers are disturbed. Strollers, walkers and wheelchairs can be stored on the platform as long as there is enough room.



10. Transportation of animals


For the transport of animals see #9. This means, dogs must be kept on a short leash. Dangerous animals must wear a muzzle. The owner is responsible and will be held accountable for all damage, soiling and or incidents caused by their animal.



11. Lost and found


Objects found are to be given directly to the driver according to § 978 BGB, and will then be returned to the rightful owner, by the company.



12. Liability


Companies are liable for the death of or injuries to passengers, and for damages to belongings and animals according to the general applicable rules, however damages for each carried passenger are limited to a maximum of 1000,-€. The company is not liable for damages caused by animals or objects mentioned in #9 and 10.



13. Jurisdiction


The jurisdiction for all disputes that come from this transportation contract is Bamberg.



Bamberg, 01.05.2013